The Houston Chapter of the American Association of Blacks in Energy was established in 1983 and was the first organization in the area to address energy production, consumption and job opportunities as it relates to Houston's minority communities. The founding members came from a variety of energy related fields and included a notable group of African Americans in the energy industry. These founding members included the Honorable Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and Texas State Representative Harold Dutton.





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Upcoming Events

February 5, 2015
Place: Shell
Shell AA Affinity Luncheon

February 12, 2015
Place: The Power Center HCCOC Annual Black Leadership Forum

February 17-20, 2015
Pilots & Professionals in Schools

February 27-28, 2015
Place: University of Houston
56th Annual Science Engineering Fair of Houston

March 5, 2015
Place: Chevron
1Q General Meeting

March 27, 2015
AABE Houston 2015 Scholarship Application Due

March 28, 2015
Place: TBD
AABE Houston Energy Spring Light Swap Program

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